New Hope provides an exclusive service to our clients based on attention to details, individual approach, professionalism, experience and care.

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When choosing a surrogacy agency, experience matters. Most Intended Parents and surrogates want to work with an agency that has high success rate, can get them matched quickly, and that has many resources available to support and protect them emotionally, physically, financially and legally. New Hope is committed to helping you through every step of your journey to becoming parents. We work with the best IVF centers in Ukraine, hospitals and our team has a vast experience in the medical and legal field. We can offer a group of dedicated and experienced surrogacy case managers, counselors and attorneys to support you through your journey to parenthood.

New Hope provides an exclusive service to our clients based on attention to details, individual approach, professionalism, experience and care. Our agency fees cover all of the services including screenings, support, legal services, counseling, pregnancy coordination, birth support more. New Hope fees remain fixed, regardless of how long it takes to complete the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy is a complex and emotional journey, both for intended parents and surrogates. New Hope is a full-service boutique surrogacy agency, can guide you through this process, coordinating the necessary services along each step of the way to the parenthood.


For more than 10 years, our Team has guided intended parents, gestational surrogates, and egg donors through a remarkable process. We deeply care about every case in our practice and try to make the journey a positive one for everyone involved. We are happy that with our help the intended parents have their long-awaited children, surrogates and egg donors had a possibility to support their own families. At New Hope we are always trying to make this world a better place for everyone involved in the process with us.

Our team


CEO, Director, Lawyer

Julia is a founder and CEO of New Hope LLC. She is committed to helping you through every step of your journey to parenthood. She works closely with the intended parents, surrogate mothers, fertility specialists, doctors and leading IVF centers throughout your process. Julia is completely aware of all aspects of surrogacy process and its legal issues, works in a Family Law since 2005, has contacts in all our partner clinics and hospitals, arranges the process and keeps all parties focused on a successful outcome. Before founding New Hope LLC Julia was working for a Ukrainian Government - State Department for Adoptions under the Ministry of Social Policy and she was closely working with the adoptive parents from the USA and Canada.



Surrogate and egg donor coordinator

Recruiting, pre-screening, interviewing, coordinating and supporting surrogate mothers and egg donors are some of the tasks Katya is involved at. She is also responsible for finding new candidates for surrogacy and egg donation programs. Katya is the first person to assist the surrogates and egg donors with their cycles, screening process and support during their programs. She manages and keeps all candidates focused on a successful result, becomes a close member to their community and a trusted person as she is very sociable and caring. Our surrogates often reach her for an advice or support even after their program is finished.



IP coordinator, Psychologist

Elena is our IPs coordinator, she supports them through the whole process, provides psychological support to the candidates. Elena also helps parents during and after birth and she is very much involved in each surrogacy journey. She is a professional and we are priviledged to have her in our team..

New Hope person ELENA KURIPKO


Pregnancy coordinator

Anna supports surrogate mothers and programs in hospitals, translates documents, coordinates pregnancies. She attends medical appointments with the surrogates, helps our ladies during pregnancy and is always available with any issues or concerns. Anna enjoys such a wonderful opportunity of seeing a new life growing inside.

New Hope person ANNA MARINENKO

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