Surrogacy Process

Deciding to start surrogacy process is an important milestone in your journey towards parenthood. Fertility treatment and surrogacy process itself can be emotionally and physically stressful, but it can also open up a world of options and can bring “new hope” to many who are struggling with infertility. At New Hope our goal is to support you at every stage of your journey to parenthood and provide best care and assistance in such an emotional process.

New Hope provides a wide range of services and support throughout your surrogacy program including:

  • Surrogate mother match and screening
    You will be provided with the list of suitable candidates available for your program
  • Egg donor match and screening
    You can select the egg donor from our database. The candidate will start the IVF process exclusively for you and eggs will be fresh (not from a frozen bank)
  • IVF cycle support for the candidates and IPs
    Our case manager and coordinator will be supporting the candidates through their IVF process at every step in our partner fertility clinic
  • Legal support
    We assist the IPs with understanding how the differences in laws can impact their legal rights and obligations. We also assist with the process of getting the necessary paperwork to return home with their baby.
    Our legal services include drafting contracts between the IPs and gestational surrogate, notary’s services, submitting legal paperwork to the fertility clinic, preparing all the documents for the registration of birth and for the Embassy.
  • Pregnancy coordination at our partner hospital
    Our pregnancy coordinator supports surrogates at every stage. She is present at all appointments in the hospital, schedules check-ups, 24/7 support available for the surrogates, coordinates the process with the OB GYN and helps with all the steps.
  • Support for the IPs
    Our case manager will always be in touch with you if you have any questions or concerns. We want you to feel secure and protected during the international surrogacy process that’s why we are available 24/7 as we understand how challenging it is to wait for the baby abroad. We want you to feel involved and connected and we will be supporting you all the time, providing advice, counselling, recommendations about your process. At New Hope we deeply care about every case in our practice.


  • absence of uterus (congenital or acquired)
  • deformation of the uterus making pregnancy and carrying a baby impossible
  • uterine synechiae (adhesions or scar tissue that form inside the cavity of the uterus) that cannot be treated
  • a physical illness under which pregnancy threatens a woman's life or health even if a baby may not be in danger
  • minimum 4 unsuccessful IVF attempts with obtaining high quality embryos
  • parents must be free from Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis


  • Strongest legal status in the world regarding surrogacy
  • Commercial surrogacy is legal
  • No Court Decree is required
  • Birth certificate is issued in the name of the intended parents
  • Gestational carrier has no legal right to be considered as a legal mother of a baby
We are helping build families since 2012 in surrogacy.

Thank you for your interest in New Hope. We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you have about our services.

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